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Attic Ladders


Whether you intend to use the roof space for storage, or simply require access to electrical wires, plumbing, or other trade services, we can help you gain safe and easy access to your roof space with one of our quality timber or metal attic ladders.

We have the solution to whatever space you have available and can get you safely in and out of the roof as required. 


We have a wide range of ladders in stock ready to go


All our ladders are pulled down and folded away easily.


Features include:

Both 580mm standard and 700mm extra wide sizes are available 

  • Made from Nordic Pine for strength and durability.

  • Stable 150KG+ rated load capacity with dovetail joints for added strength.

  • A red safety handle and grooved anti-slip treads for confident climbing.

  • Pre-finished white trapdoor spring-hinged and balanced for effortless opening.

  • Plastic feet reduce scratching on floors.

  • Thermally insulated trapdoor with a special seal to prevent dust from entering the home.

  • A thermally insulated trapdoor reduces heat loss and sound transmission.

  • Comes with the hatch painted white and finished in beautiful trim.

Storage Platform


Platform attic storage areas are the perfect solution for people looking for a standard, easy-to-access storage area for their occasional-use items.

This clean, safe attic storage option is best for storing sealed boxes and storage containers, camping equipment, sports gear, and other occasional-use items such as Christmas trees and decorations.

As part of our service, we will come to you to discuss the best place to put the attic ladder and storage platform to suit your requirements. Where possible, the storage platforms are put in the tallest part of the roof giving you the ability to walk around comfortably.

We build a subframe on top of the existing ceiling joists, using quality treated timber to reinforce the area and spread the working load. The boards are then installed in a way that they can be easily individually removed should you ever need access underneath.

We give a storage load of 75kg per m2 for long-term storage.

Installation of the attic ladder and budget storage flooring usually takes one day to finish. We offer sizes from 10m2 to 50m2 depending on your need.

We also offer fully encapsulated, dustproof storage.



We understand how the Perth summer works, it's hot! Some roof areas can get up to 70 degrees!

Here at Total Attic Storage, we have several options to take the heat out of the roof area. Not only is this beneficial if you are going to be storing your stuff in there but more so for the overall comfort of your house. A hot roof area forces your air conditioner to work harder to cool the ducting, resulting in a bigger power bill.

In winter, you also get condensation that can cause a host of bacterial problems. We have 3 options available to cool down the roof area year-round.

Turbo Beam Whirly Bird


Bradford Ventilation’s TurboBeam is a wind-driven ventilator that has been designed to exhaust heat and provide natural light to the roof space, improving comfort in your home or storage area.

The attractive clear acrylic head and streamlined design mean it will complement any house design, whilst offering the additional benefit of acting as a skylight when installed in sheds, garages, and roof spaces. It’s been designed to be strong enough to withstand strong wind and rain and is backed by a 15-year warranty for peace of mind.

Solar King Exhaust Fan

Solar Roof Ventilation Fan extracts the dry and hot air from the roof. Australian summers continue to get hotter and so do our homes and workplaces. A great solution to tackle this is Solar Exhaust Fan.

By replacing the hot air in your roof space in summer with the cooler outside air, Solar Roof Ventilation make your home much cooler and a big difference to your indoor comfort level.

This method of extraction removes 20x as much hot air as a standard whirlybird with no running costs ever.

Dust Proof Rooms 

dust 2 .jpeg

We can install the ladder anywhere the roof space allows, from the garage to the hallway, bedrooms and in between Walls, to fully encapsulate the area we build timber framing around the perimeter of the flooring and attach a heat, dust and vapour reflective insulation material

We'll tailor a dust-proof storage room to meet your unique needs and budget, including the following features:

  • Flooring, built on a timber frame to allow the insulation, wiring ect to stay exactly as it is. We can build the flooring to any size required.

  • Pull down attic ladder, for easy and safe access. We can install the ladder anywhere the roof space allows, from the garage to the hallway, bedrooms and in between Walls, to fully encapsulate the area we build timber framing around the perimeter of the flooring and attach a heat, dust and vapour reflective insulation material. We then seal every join using insulation tape to create a full dust free environment.

  • Ventilation, included with every dust proof room is a Turbo Beam Whirly Bird. This ensures the room has constant flowing air and also lets in natural light with its clear top.

  • We also include an access door to get into the rest of the roof space for maintenance and other requirements. 

Extras: We work with our in house electrician to offer full lighting and GPO options. We also offer carpet and shelving units installed in the room to maximise the storage capabilities.

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