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  • Do I need Council Approval?
    Nope, no council approval is required to use your attic space for storage. We do not alter anything structural and only add treated timbers.
  • What Can I Store Up There?
    Your attic storage is a versatile haven for items such as clothing, boxes, sports equipment, camping gear and more. If it fits through the attic hatch, it belongs in your new storage space.
  • What Is The Weight Limit?
    Both Basic and Dust Proof areas are designed to safely support approximately 75kg per square meter, in addition to your weight, ensuring a secure environment for a wide range of items.
  • What Materials Do You Use
    In our Basic and Dust Proof storage solutions, we use high-quality structural h2 treated timber for battening and framing, complemented by durable 19mm termite treated particle board for flooring. The Dust Proof Storage is lined with a high quality Kingspan aircell membrane that not only seals the space but offers additional insulation, marrying functionality with aesthetics. For our attic ladders we have a wide range of carefully selected high quality options.
  • Do You Need To View The Property First?
    In short, no. As we have come across and installed in every type of house Perth has to offer we can give you a valid price and options based off some questions we ask. If you are happy with the price/package we can then arrive on the day for what we call a same day quote install. We run over the best spaces for your new storage and if you are happy we can install there and then. If we cant find a spot you like - there is no charge.
  • How Long Does An Install Take?
    For a standard ladder and storage flooring job, we can be in and out in around 4-5 hours. For our full dust proof rooms the job can take about a day and half to fully install.
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